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Dust collectors

"WELLTECH" Dust Collectors are available in different designs, suitable for various applications and purpose. All these dust collectors are designed on latest technology for high collection efficiency minimum space requirement, trouble free operation, low cost and high life. These dust collectors have found their applications in high pollutant industries like coal, cement, paper and pulp, plywood, chemical, steel plant, foundries etc.
Reverse Pulse Jet Bag Filter.
Cassette Type Fabric Filter.
Cyclone Separater.
Pack Bed Scrubber.
Ventury Scrubber

Centrifugal Fans

"WELLTECH" specialises in and offers one of the faster and upgraded range of centrifugal fans of your choice. An unique combinations of volume and pressure with high zone of flexibility are available. These fans are extensively used for Air Pollution Control, ventilation, Dust/fume extraction, evaporative cooling, etc. High efficiency aerodynamically balanced impeller, heavy duty, sturdy construction ensures fullest return of your investment.

Available in different design suitable for various applications viz ID, FD, general ventilation, combustion of fumace fuel etc.

Capacity from 1000m3/ HR to 200000 m3/HR and pressure range from 30mm WG to 2000 mm of WG. Single width and double width type model of MS, HTS, SS constructions.

Axial Flow Fans

"WELLTECH" Axial Flow Fans are available on various designs. High efficiency aerofoil section cast Aluminium/mild steel construction with dynamically balanced impellers ensures high performance at low fume extraction, exhaust system etc.

Available from 500 m3/ Hr to 1,00,000 m3/ Hr capacity and pressure range upto 300mm of WG. Single stage and double stage construction.

Roof Extractor

"WELLTECH" Roof Extractor is suitable for ventilation of work shop, furnace room, boiler house etc. Where generation and accumulation of hot, humid, toxic gases is possible and common ventilation is not effective. The design of dynamically balanced high efficiency fan ensures high air exhaust with minimum hazard.

*Available in various capacities and designs.
*Power jet design with adjustable blades model.
*FRP/SS, special purpose model.
*Maintenance free operation.

Air Washer

"WELLTECH" air washer is idea for evaporative cooling cum ventilation system. It is designed for high saturation efficiency. The unit is equipped with banks of spay nozzles, primary filter etc. Suitable for MCC, coal mines, steel plant, textile, and other industries.

Available in masonry & sheet metal type
Unitary Air washes
Range up to 3, 00,000 m3 HR
Suitable for A.C plants

Pulse Jet Bag Filter

WELLTECH Pulse Jet Filters come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and filter bag layouts to fit a broad range of applications. But the cleaning cycle is the same throughout the line. Dust-laden air or gas enters the Pulse Jet Filter through a hopper inlet where it is directed toward a baffle that slows the airflow and causes heavier particles to fall directly into the hopper. Lighter airborne particles follow the air stream into the filter area and collect on the outside surfaces of the bag filters. The filtered air then flows into the clean air plenum and exits the unit. Sequential signals from a timer open valves allowing short bursts of compressed air to reverse the airflow in each row of bags. This dislodges the surface dust from the bags so that it falls into the hopper.

Cyclone Seperator / Multi Cyclone

A high speed rotating air flow is established in a cylindrical or conical container called a cyclone. Air flows in a helical pattern, beginning at the top of the cyclone and ending at the bottom end before exiting the cyclone in a straight stream through the center of the cyclone and out the top. Larger (heavier) particles in the rotating stream have too much inertia to follow the curve of the stream, and strike the outside wall, then falling to the bottom of the cyclone where they can be removed. In a conical system, as the rotating flow moves towards the narrow end of the cyclone, the rotational radius of the stream is reduced, thus separating smaller and smaller particles.

Insertable Bag filter:

Where there are space constraints in the process and dust collected has to be re-used or dropped back into the process, insert-able bag filters can be used. Typically, these units are devoid of any hopper. For example, in belt conveying applications, dust is generated when material falls from one conveyor on to the other. An insertable bag filter located on the dropping conveyor collects the dust. On pulsing, dust falls back onto this conveyor thus avoiding the need for a separate dust handling unit under the bag filter hopper.

Rotary Air Lock Valve

There is a WELLTECH Rotary Feeder to suit every specific application. More than 5000 WELLTECH Feeders are now in services handling a wide variety of industrial materials ranging from the removal of the dust from cyclone separators, bag filters or other dust suppression equipment, to feeding granular or fine material into pneumatic conveying system, against pressure up to 1 kg/cm². WELLTECH Heavy Duty models are of best use and has become a choice in the user industries. These machines are having all of the features that make operational smoothness and dependability. To ensure maximum rigidity, all basic elements of cast construction, housing, rotor, and end plates are machined and matched to achieve required performance.
Generally the feeder will be fitted with 6 or 8 blades close-fitting, open end rotor, providing the best possible rotating seal against air leakage. Since there are always 4 blades sealing, at any time during the rotation. Six blades wiper type rotors are also available for low pressure dust control applications.

Bag Cages:

WELLTECH manufactures and supplies a wide variety of Filter Bag Cage and Venturi used for various industrial applications. Our Industrial Bag Filter Cages are made of GI/MS/SS of various wire diameter using semi-automatic spot welding machines.
WELLTECH can cater for manufacturing of Bag Cages of any standard diameter and length being used in Industrial Bag Filters.
Our manufacturing ranges cover Round, Star Type Cages of any standard sizes as being used in the industries or it can be custom built as per client’s requirement.